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What is a Pole Saw?
A pole saw – now and then additionally alluded to as a shaft pruner – is basically a smaller than normal cutting apparatus on an extendable post. The saw will generally just have six or eight creeps of cutting zone, implied for cutting branches rather than tree trunks

What Should I check in the best Pole Saw?

You’ll want to try and find a good power-to-weight ratio. Using a best pole saw can be taxing at times, as you have to support an guide a piece of equipment high up in the air. While a 14-pound saw might not sound heavy, if you have to hold it out from your body for a length of time it will start to feel very heavy.

You'll need to attempt and locate a decent energy to-weight proportion. Utilizing a post saw can charge on occasion, as you need to help a guide a bit of hardware high open to question. While a 14-pound saw won't not sound substantial, on the off chance that you need to hold it out from your body for a period of time it will begin to feel overwhelming.

In the event that you have loads of trees to hit, you may need to advance up to a gas-controlled saw. Indeed, even the best cordless post saws are useful for a hour or so of utilization between charges. For gas-fueled saws, search for saws in the scope of 32cc-34cc with a specific end goal to slice through branches rapidly.

Tips and Tricks for using pole saw?


Much the same as with full-estimate cutting tools, shaft saws require legitimate safety measure and appropriate techniques for use to work securely and proficiently.
  1. Check the zone – Make beyond any doubt the saw, alongside what you are cutting, remains well clear of things, for example, electrical cables or other property that could be harmed. Likewise, ensure they territory around where you might stand and moving is free of excursion risks. 
  2. Be wary of atmosphere – in the event that it is blustery or conceivably stormy, you ought not work our pole saw.
  3.  Know the state of the tree – Dead branches, free bark, and decaying zones can cause distinctive responses from your pole saw, making it saw quicker, slower, or be more helpless against kickback. 
  4. Two feet, two hands – Keep a decent base, ensuring both of your feet are immovably planted and you are adjusted crosswise over them. Never take a foot off of the ground while the saw is running. Likewise, dependably keep the two hands on the pole saw.
By picking the correct saw and following these tips and deceives, you can get the best involvement amid the utilization of your pole saw. A pole saw can be an extremely convenient device when utilized appropriately, yet can be hazardous when dealt with without mind


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